Teaching English in the Czech Republic


Your Life Teaching English in the Czech Republic


The country that is the Czech Republic displays its rich history proudly, though technically it is less than twenty years old. Formed in 1993, the nation is comprised of three historical lands: Bohemia to the West,  Morovia in the South-East, and Czech Silesia in the North-East. Castles of fairytale beauty and quaint spa towns dot the Czech countryside, while in the city of Prague a decidedly modern art and music scene flourishes. Traditional Czech food is full-flavored and hearty- most menus feature an array of meat dishes, sausage and wild game being wildly popular fare. Given the prominent place of beer in Czech culture, the pub food here (cheese and potato pancakes, most commonly) is also some of the best in the world. With prices that are dramatically less than its neighbors to the West, you will be sure to get your fill. 

The demand for English teachers in the Czech Republic is strong. Following their admittance into the European Union, there has been an considerable increase in need for native English instructors throughout the country. English teachers typically find work towards the beginning of September or October, and then again in January. Most contracts ending in late June.  For those looking to teach through the summer, opportunities at summer English language camps exist throughout the Czech Republic and the rest of Europe. These positions typically start in late June and early July. English teachers will be expected to interview in person once they arrive in the Czech Republic, and they will also be responsible for their airfare, as well as housing.  Most teachers live in apartments recently vacated by previous teachers, and many room with their coworkers. 

A solid hourly wage affords English teachers to live a very comfortable life while they are employed.  Schools typically offer around 20-25 hours per week of work, leaving plenty of time to travel and explore.  English teachers need to have a BA to teach in the Czech Republic, and a TEFL certification is absolutely necessary as well.  Major cities for English teaching jobs are Prague, Brno, Ostrava, and Pilsen.


English Teaching Requirements in the Czech Republic



  • Education: BA/BS; TEFL TESOL Certification is required and students can obtain certification at our TEFL Course in Prague, at any of our other Onsite TEFL Courses or by taking the Online TEFL Course
  • Peak Hiring Months: September & January
  • Types of Jobs: Foreign language schools
  • Typical Hiring Process: Most interview in person in Czech Republic and some over the phone in advance
  • Average teaching hours per week: 20-30 hours of classroom & extra prep time
  • Types of Students: Business professionals and children
  • Cost of Living per Month: 18,000 - 24,000 CZK; 1,000 - 1,300 USD
  • Average Monthly Pay: 18,000 - 24,000 CZK; 1,000 - 1,300 USD
  • Start-up Cost:  3,000 USD
  • Potential to Save or Break-even: Break-even
  • Accommodation/Housing Benefits Paid: No
  • Flight Reimbursement: No


Interesting Facts about Life in the Czech Republic


  • The city of Prague was one of the only European cities not destroyed during World War II, leaving its magnificent medieval architecture legacy intact.
  • The Czech Republic is home to arguably the best beer in the world.
  • The Czech Republic is known as one of the least religious countries in the world.  Characterized by their tolerance towards all religions, nearly 60% of the Czech population is considered atheist or non-believers.
  • The Czech Republic has the most Wi-Fi subscribers per capital in the European Union.  



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