Optimize your experience with Spanish Immersion Lessons + TEFL Certification program in Seville or Barcelona!

The sunny Iberian peninsula in Western Europe is home to two European nations, Spain and Portugal.  Spain encompasses the majority of the square acreage of the peninsula, and is a major international tourist destination.  From the exquisitely unique city of Barcelona nestled in the foothills of the breathtaking Montserrat Mountains on the Mediterranean coast to the sun-drenched region of Andalucia, Spain has something for everyone!

Seville is a southern city full of youthful energy and vigor, offering many opportunities for driven TEFL teachers to live and work in Spain.  Granada is just along the southern coast of Spain, and is home to the prestigious Universidad de Granada and fantastic surfing!

It is absolutely imperative to be able to Speak Spanish while teaching English in Spain, so we have combined 2 and 4 week Intensive Spanish Language Immersion classes in Seville or Barcelona, your accommodations, and your TEFL Certification course into a complete program that prepares you for success in your international teaching career!  















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