Learn how to Speak Italian and get TEFL Certified!

The Italian Republic officially includes the Apennine Peninsula, Sicily, Sardinia, and a multitude of small islands.  Italy is a land steeped in culture and history, with cultural influences from all across the globe.  This highly popular tourist destination has many old cities situated all across the country – from the central Apennine mountain chain to the Mediterranean shoreline.

As an active EU participant, Italy offers prospective English teachers many opportunities for worthwhile employment.  We have two course centers in two of Italy’s major cities, each with its own distinctive character.  We have the bustling capital of Rome, where our course center is just a brief walk from the Holy See. We also have a center in the chief city in Tuscany, the deeply cultural and historical Firenze.


We have coupled Intensive Italian Language Immersion Courses + the internationally recognized TEFL Certification Course to prepare you for success in your new international career!  

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