For our prospective trainees aspiring to teach English in France, we have two great Course Centers. We have also created a total package program for you – we offer 2 or 4 weeks of French Language Immersion in conjunction with your TEFL Certification course in Paris so you can make the most of the competitive French job market.  Apply today and get a leg up on the competition!

Learn how to speak French with our French Language Immersion + TEFL Certification Courseinquire today!

Paris, France-

Widely known as one of the most influential European cities, Paris provides a bustling international environment for driven TEFL teachers. Experience the City of Lights to its full potential- as a local!

Plelauff, France-

Beautifully situated in Western France, the medieval feel that the village of Plelauff exudes is a phenomenal experience. Our longest-running center in France boasts dedicated staff members and a gorgeous campus, ready to help you get started on your English teaching career in France!  Although much slower paced than the tumultuous environment of Paris, our Alumni greatly appreciate the focus they can place solely on getting TEFL Certified and employed as an international English Teacher!


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