Currently the second largest economy in Southeast Asia and the only country never to have been colonized by Europeans, Thailand is a place of exotic mystique and myriad English teaching positions.  With a size comparable to that of Spain, Thailand’s climate is much hotter and more humid – thanks to its close proximity to the equator.  As there are 65 million denziens of Thailand, and over 92% of them are native Thai speakers, the demand to learn how to speak English is critical for the success of future generations in both trade and tourism.  There is no shortage of international teaching opportunities in Thailand!

We have three Course Centers to maximize your Thai experience.  We have a Center in the northern center of education called Chiang Mai, the central village of Ban Phe, and the southern town of Phuket.  Each location has a very different character, and no matter your final preference,  with a Thai Ministry of Education-approved TEFL certification you will be prepared for success as an international English teacher!

Inquire now and let’s talk about which location will be best for you!