Phuket, Thailand


The Island of Phuket (pronounced ‘Poo-ket’), commonly referred to as the ‘Pearl of the South’, is the largest island in the country of Thailand. Lying in the perfectly clear and warm waters of the Andaman Sea off the south-west coast of Thailand, this fantastic island is literally a tropical paradise. The remarkably varied terrain on Phuket includes long strips of white, sandy beaches against crystal clear waters, limestone cliffs and fascinating coral reefs, heavily forested mountains, awesome waterfalls, and every kind of tropical vegetation one could imagine.

If you aren’t interested in relaxing in the fishing village in Phuket, how about a top international resort destination? Located right in Phuket City and adjacent to some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery in the world, our Phuket course is positioned in paradise. With a wide variety of water sports and other activities, vibrant nightlife, delectable Thai cuisine, friendly people and close proximity to an abundance of teaching opportunities, Phuket is sure to have what you are looking for in a course location. The culture is rich, the tourist industry ensures a wealth of different nationalities are there throughout the year, and the food…oh, the food!

What more can we say? This is indeed paradise.

Course Location

Our school in Phuket is fully recognized and licenced by the Thai Ministry of Education, and the certificate is therefore recognised as a qualification in order to obtain a work permit as a teacher. The TEFL International center in Phuket is located in the heart of Phuket Town, a historically-rich and exciting city, with the best in local cuisine, shopping and island culture.

The school building is spacious, comfortable and well air-conditioned, nestled amongst a field of coconut trees and island flora, and set against the backdrop of the splendid mountains and forests. A short walk to the main street will bring you to a variety of restaurants, bars, services and many internet cafés, as well as the best shopping area on the island.

Course Fees

  • $500 Enrollment Deposit
  • Final Balance: $1090
  • Accommodations:
    • Standard: $100 per month
    • Premium: $250 per month
* Please note: Unless noted otherwise, all prices are listed in US Dollar amounts. For an estimate of these amounts in your local currency, please click here.


All accommodation is in Phuket Town, a perfect spot from which to explore everything the island has to offer. Accommodation will typically consist of a private room with private bath, located either on the school premises or in an apartment within a five-minute walk to the school. All rooms are clean, very comfortable and well-furnished, and weekly cleaning service is provided free of charge. As well, all are located within easy access to various restaurants, bars and entertainment sites. Specials requests will be taken into consideration so please feel free to inquire within should you have any questions.

Course Dates


  • 6 January - 31 January
  • 10 February - 7 March
  • 17 March - 11 April
  • 21 April - 16 May
  • 26 May - 20 June
  • 30 June - 25 July
  • 4 August - 29 August
  • 8 September - 3 October
  • 13 October - 7 November
  • 17 November - 12 December


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