Chiang Mai, Thailand


Chiang Mai is a historically rich city overseen by the beautiful, 1601 kilometer high Suthep Mountain. The regally ornate temple Wat Phra That Doi Suthep that has sat proudly atop the mountain since the late 1380′s is only one of over 300 temples located in Chiang Mai, but will surely be on your list of things you’ll want to experience during your visit to this beautiful city.

The TESOL Certification Course in Chiang Mai affords you another experience not commonly offered by TEFL Experiences: the opportunity to live as a Thai university student. Participating in the course will strike the perfect balance between old world and new world, allowing you to travel back in time through the sights and sounds of historic Thailand without having to sever ties with the modern existence to which you may be accustomed.

Course Location

Your TESOL Certification course will be conducted in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second-largest city established in the late 1200′s. Breathtaking natural scenery abounds to the Northwest of the city, while modern shopping malls can be found near the airport.


The Course Center staff will gladly help arrange accommodations for the duration of the course. No matter your preference of a private apartment, a private room in a shared apartment, a shared room, a hostel, or hotel can be arranged for you upon submission of your enrollment. Options start at $150 USD.

Please inquire within should you have any questions.

Course Fees

Total course fee- 45000 Thai Baht

  • Enrollment Deposit – $500
  • Remaining Course Fee- $990

Course Dates


  • 6 January - 31 January
  • 3 February - 28 February
  • 3 March - 28 March
  • 31 March - 2 May
  • 5 May - 30 May
  • 2 June - 27 June
  • 7 July - 1 August
  • 4 August - 29 August
  • 1 September - 26 September
  • 6 October - 31 October
  • 3 November - 28 November
  • 1 December - 23 December


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