Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires is one of the most vibrant cities among our TESOL course locations. There is never a dull moment in the “Paris of South America.” Given that 85% of the population is of European descent, ethnic diversity defines the city with Spanish, German, French and Italian flares. Each neighborhood, or barrio, has its own unique identity. The charming cobblestone streets of San Telmo are where you can watch masters of the Tango perform their passionate dance that exemplifies Argentina’s national spirit. Wander into La Boca to admire local artisans working among the brightly painted metal houses. After you have explored the city’s every corner, you can journey over to the miles of world renowned beaches for some relaxation or the nearby Andes Mountains for a little adventure.

One advantage of taking our TESOL course in Buenos Aires is the wealth of jobs in South America’s largest nation. English is not currently widely spoken, thus creating a high demand for qualified English teachers. Our staff consists of permanent residents who know the city inside and out as well as the secrets of the local job market. You will not be disappointed by any aspect of our course in Buenos Aires, from the day you arrive until you land an incredible teaching position.

Course Location

Our training center is located in the very heart of the Recoleta, within the historical presidential manor of Carlos Pellegrini, who presided over the country at the turn of the century during Buenos Aires’ golden era. Our space is shared with our local sister organization, the highly regarded Academy of Recoleta Spanish institute. The facility is comfortable, well equipped and it features an interior patio that provides a welcome respite from the rigors of the classroom.

Course Fee

The course fee is $1,790 (excluding accommodations)

* Please note: Unless noted otherwise, all prices are listed in US Dollar amounts. For an estimate of these amounts in your local currency, please click here.
Accommodation options include: home stays, shared or private apartments, or private or shared hostel rooms. Rates range from $15 to $20 USD per night. Please contact us for more information about accommodations.
Course Dates
  • 08 Apr – 03 May 13
  • 06 May – 31 May 13
  • 30 Sep – 25 Oct 13
  • 28 Oct – 22 Nov 13
  • 25 Nov – 20 Dec 13
  • 27 Jan – 21 Feb 14
  • 24 Feb – 21 Mar 14
  • 24 Mar – 17 Apr 14
  • 04 Aug – 29 Aug 14
  • 01 Sep – 26 Sep 14
  • 29 Sep – 24 Oct 14
  • 27 Oct – 21 Nov 14
Teaching English in Argentina
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